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Comite LaFayette



Nocq Henry - 1918 - Struck Bronze Commemorative Medal, 68mm., 86.6g., Paris Mint rim-punch: Cornucopia BRONZE.

Obverse showing George Washington and Lafayette on horseback, right, greeting each other; inscription in exergue: "Comite Lafayette." Reverse Rim text: FOEDVS RENOVATVM ARMIS PRO NATIONVM LIBERTATE (renewed arms treaty for national independence) with allegorical figure of Liberty at center, with two standards in her left hand and fasces in right, gazing foward toward a remote battleship approaching the harbor; Behind her, the past, a ship, and two shields with seals of France and U.S. at right; dates in exergue: "VI FEB MDCCLXXVIII/VI FEB MCMXVIII." 6. February 1778 / 6. February 1918.

Grade: VZ (XF)  Beautiful darck chocolate patina in beautiful condition.


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