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Fall of Fort Loncin



Devreese G.  - 1914  Struck Bronze Death Comemmorative 69.9mm, 67.8g., Edge-punched: 240, Frankenhuis - 7.

Bust of "Lt. General Ges.Leman" in military dress. Reverse, Lehman lying unconscious next to the destroyed howitzer turrets of the fort. In border, "Fort de Loncin 15 aout 1914".(Fort Loncin, Aug. 15, 1914).

General Leman was in the fort when he stepped out for some air when a shell landed near the fort and knocked him unconsious. When he came to the Germans captured him. The General then insisted that they allow him to write to the King of Belgium stating that he had not surrendered but been captured while unconsious. The Germans, being gentlemen, delivered his statement thus allowing the General to 'save face'.

Grade: VZ (XF)  Beautiful golden bronze piece.


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