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Peace of Versailles


SOLD  2/12/14

Beach Chester  - 1919 Struck Bronze Medal, 65.7mm, 55.2g.,(MACO) Edge-punched '100' (of 318 struck), Baxter 321.

Peace of Versailles ANS Medal with obverse allegorical figures of Peace and Justice to either side of the heroic figure astride Pegasus, the winged horse.  The reverse bears a view of the city of Versaille and the inscription "Peace of Versailles 1919".  At bottom is a banner inscribed with the name of the 'American Numismatic Society', which issued this medal. 

This is a typical low relief work by Beach who also created the Lexington-Concord commemorative half-dollar.

Grade: VZ (XF)

SOLD  2/12/14

PRICE $165