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Edward Grey



K-165 ABUSE OF NEUTRAL FLAGS (Flaggenbetrug)
1915, Cast bronze, satirical medal, 57.0mm, 62.40g, Rim-mark in white ink shows previous collection accession number, Frankenhuis 1432.

Obverse:  An English sailing vessel marked "Edward Grey" sails with hoisted neutral flags of Holland, Spain, and Denmark. Death, in the uniform of an English admiral, holds two flags, one of Italy, the other of the United States while guaranteeing the wavering Lord Grey a safe voyage. Below, 1915.

Reverse:  Bordered by a life-buoy inscribed with "Honi • soit • qui • mal• y • pense -" (evil to him that evil thinks), is the inscription, "Mit neu-tralen Flaggen Hoheits gebietend stellt sich zur wehr der edle Brite der Weltmeerbeherrscher nach Seerduber Sitte" (The noble Englishman ruling the oceans defends himself with the aid of neutral flags as is the habit of pirates). K-G bisected by laurel sprig.   

This K# consistently runs a tad smaller than 58.0mm perhaps due to production restraints.  This one, like all the others we have seen and sold that hover between 57.0mm - 57.50mm, measures at 57mm.. 

Grade: Gussfrisch (As Cast)  A crisp cast with beautiful fabric.


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