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Goetz, Karl,  1920, Cast bronze, Satirical medal, 58.9mm, 72.40g

K-274 CODE NAPOLEON (Wüstlinge am Rhein)

Obverse:  In the foreground a hand removes a knife from its French scabbard, as identified by the Gallic coq coat-of-arms next to it, while in the background French colonial troops are tormenting German girls by catching them and forcing them to unseen locations. Inscription, "Französische rechtsprechung Code Napoléon" (French Court ruling, Code Napoleon.) Dated 1920. K•G along right rim.

Reverse:  A town square with the statue of the Virgin Mary as the Immaculate Conception. On both sides are wine houses and brothels such as the "Lusthaus fer neger". Colonial soldiers continue their assaults on the German girls. Inscription, "Wustlinge am Rhein" (Lechers on the Rhine). Dated, 1920.

Goetz criticizes the French and their occupation troops for not following French Civil Code on the Rhine . This medal implies that the German women were free objects to be hunted by French colonial troops and that German residences were converted into brothels by French military authorities.

This is a companion piece for K-262 and K-262(a) which are also available on this site. Collection

Grade:  VZ (XF).


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