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Born in the World War



Gies, Ludwig  Born in the year of World War

1915, Cast bronze, 56.5mm, 63.90g, Edge-punch: CPOELLATH SCHROBENH. Ernsting WVZ 81.

OBVERSE: A small, naked, floundering baby in a cradle with its head to the right. A bed curtain, supported by a sword, drapes behind its head. The cradle lies in a front to back perspective. Under the crib a large amount of swords and bombs are found. The script reads in one line around outer edge; GEBOREN I. JAHRE D.WELTKRIEGS (Born in the Year of World War).

REVERSE:An empty square tablet for engraving with an seven eight-pointed stars and a draped garland over the top two corners of the tablet. The garland has attached ribbons.

The tablet is normally intended for engraving the name of the newborn and date of birth but we've never seen an example with engraving.

Rarity: R-7  Eight in european museums, Three known in private hands

Grade: VZ (XF)


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