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U20 Memorial Medallion



Carl Reschke - 1917, Blackened Cast Iron Memorial Medallion, 93.3mm, 198.50g., Frankenhuis 947.

Naked warrior stands with one foot on the conning tower of the U-20  /  Eagles beside an Athenian helmet on monument, 1914-1917.

The U-20, a diesel submarine, was commissioned in December 1912. It was to gain notoriety under the command of Kapitänleutnant Walther Schwieger for sinking the RMS Lusitania in May 1915. In all the U-20 sank 37 ships (a total of 145,830 tons), before being grounded west of Jutland on 4 November 1916. She was scuttled the following day. Schwieger was killed on 5 September 1917, when the U-88 was lost with all hands. As the medal is dated 1917 it is probably intended as a memorial to Schwieger.

The same piece recently sold in Baldwin's Auction 70 for $950.

Grade: VZ


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