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Steam Roller


Martin Gotze Cast Iron, 92.50 mm,162g.

Obverse:  German. and Austrian eagles on a steam-roller destroying Russian bear in a cornfield. Below, English and French newspapers e.g. "The Times" and -Le Temps". The whole is held in a pair of pincers terminating in a head of Gallic Cock (France) and head of a lion (England). 

Reverse:  "Ueber alien "Walzen- ist Ruh' von alien "Zangen" spuerest du kaum einen Haruch — von silbernen Kugel schweigt's im Blaetterwalde. Wart nur balde vom "Aushungern" auch! Frei nach Goethe 0. E. W." 
Recorded in Frankenhuis but this is the first time we've seen one.  RRR

Grade: VZ (XF)


PRICE $595