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STURM, Paul, 1914, Blackened Cast Iron Medallion, 109.8mm 265g. Edge-punch: "7" RR

Obverse: Lieutenant von Hersing, bust, full face slightly inclined to right, in uniform and wearing the Iron Cross. At the base of design a scroll bearing text and around the remaining edge a laurel garland hanging from which, lower left edge, is the badge of the Ordre Pour le Mérite obverse text: "U21" (above von Hersing's left shoulder) & "HERSING" (on scroll)

Reverse: Battleship, sinking, heeling over to one side, clouds of smoke obscuring the effects of an explosion. In the right middle distance a second warship steams in the direction of the stricken vessel and between the two ships a sea horse. In the background a range of coastal hills. At center base of design the head of a trident with torpedo trail to impact.  Text: "PATHFINDER" & "STR v GIBRALTAR" & "TRIVMPH" (all above hills) & "MAIESTICS" (below damaged battleship).
A delightfully glossy black, error-free surface.
Grade: Gussfrisch (As Cast)


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