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Salvation is in God



Ludwig Gies
1915, Cast bronze, 43.2mm x 39.8mm, 28.0g, with ring for suspension, Edge-punch: C.POELLATH SCHROBENH., Ernsting WVZ 93

OBVERSE: At the bottom a convex exergue doubles as a mound of meadow on which a bench is placed next to a small tree. A young woman sits on the left and a soldier, in field uniform, sits on the right holding his helmet in his left hand; they are turned to each other.  The soldier’s rifle is propped on the bench to his left. Above, and behind, is a wide spread crucifix topped with a tablet inscribed with a convex INRI acronym for Latin phrase; IESVS·NAZARENVS·REX·IVDÆORVM (Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews).  On the cross is a tormented Christ with halo and with artistic emphasis placed on the wounded hands and loincloth. On the convex exergue are the artist’s initials, L.G..

REVERSE: A heart with attached cross at top is located on the lower center edge. To the left and right are two hovering angels facing each other and in profile. In the center are five lines of script in gothic font; IM HERRN IFT HEIL PS.3.9 (Salvation is in God).

Rarity: RRRR

Grade: VZ (XF)


PRICE $435