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Death as Bagpiper



Death as a Bagpiper

(Tod als Dudelsackspieler)

A. Zadikow - 1915  Cast Bronze, Uniface Medal. Incuse reverse. 69.0mm, 69.0g., Frankenhuis 776  RRRR

Obverse (Uniface)Death attired in the uniform of a Scotch Highlander, playing the national Scotch instrument.  Above, observation airplanes.  In the background, an officer at the head of cavalry, engaging in a mutual frontal assault with the enemy.  Exergue: Artist's initials "A" "Z" Bisected by year 1915.  

If you happen to be in Europe and don't mind viewing another example of this medal through display case glass then pass this offer by.  On the other hand, if you are a connoisseur who collects only the best and rarest Dance of Death medal examples then you may want to capture this piece now while you can.  Another example might show up in the years ahead, but then again, maybe not.

Grade: Gussfrisch (As Cast)  Absolutely flawless with beautiful patina.  Rarity = Hens Teeth


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