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Hagen Blacksmith


F. Bagdons
Hagen Blacksmith
1915  Cast Bronze, octagonal, Commemorative Medal 75mm, 219.0 g.

Obverse:  Blacksmith bust, right, surrounded by edge legend; DER EISERNE SCHMIED VON HAGEN 1915.

Reverse:  Center, hammer, and sword lying on anvil with base and forge flames in background.  Surrounding is the inscription:  HAMMERSPRUHE • FLAMME GLÜHE • SCHWERT ERSTREITE • DEUTSCHEN SIEG.  "F. BRAGDONS" in exergue.

This medal commemorates one of the numerous "nail-figures" that were set up all over Germany to solicit donations for the war effort: for each donor a nail, usually iron but sometimes another metal depending on the amount of donation, was hammered into the wooden figure.  A number of these relics have been preserved in German museums.  These large medals were given to those who made large, patriotic donations.

The Hagen Smith figure was inaugurated 28 November 1915. The "Iron Smith of Hagen" fund continued to aid war orphans and other dependents of the fallen even after the war.

More can be found about these "Nail-Men" donation statues at;

Grade: VZ (XF)  A very nice bronze commemorative piece.

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