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Karl Goetz  K-195

RIGA 1917   

Cast Bronze, 57.1mm, 54.7g., Frankenhuis 1475

Obverse: Russian Bear; a sword through its body, its bandaged paws, inscribed, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917. In border, "Riga,1917",  'KG' at 9:00 rim.

Reverse: Hourglass through which a huge scythe rotates with the passing of time while mowing down the crowds of the Russian revolution. In the center, "Der Flügelschlag der Zeit" (The wing beat of time).

To commemorate the fall of Riga to German troops on September 3, 1917.

One of the more difficult Goetz satiricals to obtain, particularly since medal collecting has exploded in Russia.

Grade: VZ (XF)  Ever so slight cabinet friction at the 6:00 high points of the reverse.

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