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Paul Leibkuchler  1914, Silver washed Cast Iron Medallion, 107.8mm 251g. Edge-punch: DS 7 97.
"Der Kriegsfreiwilligen von Dixmuiden" or "The German war volunteers of Dixmude"

Obverse: Soldier, youthful German infantryman, bust, left profile, in uniform and pickelhaube, wearing a spray of flowers on the breast of his tunic. Text:  "HALTEN AUS IM STURMGEBRAUS" ("Hold out through the storm" upper edge).

Reverse: Soldiers, German infantrymen, grouped in four compact ranks advancing from left to right in full kit and armed with rifles and fixed bayonets. Above the soldiers, upper right, Death, personified by a cloaked skeleton, galloping from right to left bestride two horses and holding a scythe in his left hand. Design executed in high relief exergue: "DIXMUIDEN"
Recorded in Frankenhuis but this is only the second time we've seen one.  RRR
A beautiful graphite grey appearance with intense silver highlights.  The reverse demands attention when displyed on a dark background.  Wonderful and rare.
Grade: VZ (XF)

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