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Drei Verbund



Drei Verbund (Alliance of Three) Satire

Hans Lindl - 1914  Cast Bronze, uniface, incuse reverse, Satirical Medal, 69.0mm, 58.4g.

A French coq, Russian bear, and British bulldog stand wounded and bandaged, the bear licking its wounds and the bulldog still dripping blood.

Lindl plays a word game here by spelling the term 'Dreiverbund' (alliance of three) with "Drei Verband".  The word "Verband" is ambiguous, as it can also mean "dressing/bandage" or, "The Three Bandaged'

This is the best example we've seen of this medal. Most of these casts, both bronze and iron, exhibit very low relief of the devices.  A great investment for any WWI Lindl medal collector.

Grade: VZ+ (XF)


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