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French Occupation




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1920, Cast Bronze, Satirical medal, 59.0mm, 73.3g. Edge-Punch: KGoeTz

THE WATCH ON THE RHINE (Die schwarze Wacht am Rhein)

Obverse:  A French colonial soldier, right. Inscriptions, "Die Wacht am Rhein!!" (The Watch on the Rhine!!) and "Liberte, Égalité, Fraternité" (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity). Dated 1920

Reverse:  The Lorelei sits naked and tied to a tree which is in the form of an erect penis; a French helmet is on top. Lorelei's broken lyre is nearby. The Eye of God watches over from above. Inscription, "Die schwarze Schande" (The Black Shame). K•G in exergue.

This medal was Goetz' protest for the arrival of black colonial French troops to occupy the Rhine territory. Most certainly a ploy by the French to humiliate the Germans, Goetz was obviously livid with the action. Here we see his vitriolic response over several 'reported' rapes and sexual excesses by these occupying troops. History now shows that these fears were unfounded and reports of rape were more exception than rule. This does not remove the fact that this 'infamous' iconography still overshadows Goetz' entire oeuvre.
Very crisp cast with beautiful light brown patina with golden highlights
Grade:  Gussfrisch (As Cast)

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1920, Cast Bronze, Satirical medal, 59.2mm, 61.4g.

(Die Schwarze Schmach)

Obverse:  The same as K-262

Reverse:  The Lorelei sits naked, tied to a large post topped with a French military helmet. Inscription on post, "Zum Hohn der deutschen Frau" (To the scorn of the German woman). A newborn "Rhineland bastard" (Berlin propaganda name) lies at the base of the post. Rim inscription, "Die Schwarze Schmach" (The black disgrace).

This issue is one step more difficult to obtain over the K-262 as the vitriol gains in momentum toward the K-264.

Grade: Gussfrisch, As Cast.  As per Goetz' best work the piece exhibits a milk chocolate patina with caramel highlights.

PRICE $650



(Der Gesslerhut in der Pfalz)

1920, Cast bronze, Satirical medal, 59.8mm, 61.50g.

Obverse:  A huge arm with fist of violence comes out of the ground holding a bound and naked Germania. An African native tickles her with a peacock feather as other natives stand in line; a French officer stands nearby and thumbs his nose. Inscription, "Im Jahr des Heils" (In the Year of Grace). Dated, 1920. K•G behind Germania's right knee.

Reverse:  A Lictor's fasces, symbol of power, stands along the shore of the Rhine, crowned with a French assault helmet. French colonial black soldiers are busy chasing and assaulting the German women while another French soldier marches two German men, one sick, through the melee. Inscription, "Der • Gesslerhut • in • der - Pfalz" (The Gessler hat in the Palatinate).

With this medal Goetz has replaced the Gessler hat from the 14th c. story with a French soldier's assault helmet atop the bundled fasces.

GRADE: Gussfrisch (As Cast)

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(Wüstlinge am Rhein)

1920, Cast bronze, Satirical medal, 58.9mm, 71.5gr.

Obverse:  In the foreground a hand removes a knife from its French scabbard, as identified by the Gallic coq coat-of-arms next to it, while in the background French colonial troops are tormenting German girls by catching them and forcing them to unseen locations. Inscription, "Französische rechtsprechung Code Napoléon" (French Court ruling, Code Napoleon.) Dated 1920. K•G along right rim.

Reverse:  A town square with the statue of the Virgin Mary as the Immaculate Conception. On both sides are wine houses and brothels such as the "Lusthaus fer neger". Colonial soldiers continue their assaults on the German girls. Inscription, "Wustlinge am Rhein" (Lechers on the Rhine). Dated, 1920.

Goetz criticizes the French and their occupation troops for not following French Civil Code on the Rhine . This medal implies that the German women were free objects to be hunted by French colonial troops and that German residences were converted into brothels by French military authorities.

Grade:  VZ (XF)

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