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Virtue of Superior Force



Elisabeth (Erzsébet) von Esseö  
By Virtue of Superior Force

1917, Cast Bronze, 68.7mm, 104.50 g. RRR

Obverse:  Doubled pearl border containing a naked Hungarian warrior, face left, with short sword. Hungarian state arms with Crown of Saint Stephen.

Reverse: Two embattled lions; Legend ∙ANNO∙DOMINI∙MCMCCCCXVI∙ (Year of Our Lord 1917) around upper edge; artist's signature ∙Essoe E∙scvlt∙ (sculptor) in exergue.

As any of Esseö's work, this is a very tough piece to get a hold of and likely more rare in bronze.  Image doesn't do justice to the piece.  You will be pleased.

Grade: VZ+ (XF+)


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