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Battle of Jutland



1916 Uniface, Cast Iron, War Medallion, 144.0mm, 234g., Undocumented/Unique

Fearlessly upright with German strength against Malice.

A naked Siegfried, as Germany, fights the omnipresent hydra representing the allied powers of 1916 WWI.  He stands spread-eagled, right, with one foot on the tail and the other on the back of a alligator-bodied hydra with five snake heads. With sword in left hand, and a strangled snake in his right, Siegfried swashbuckles with the hydra with apparent success in beheading at least one of the snakes.

The subtle, low relief, allegorical background image of sea and ship along with the alligator-bodied hydra could possibly point to Germany's naval battle at Jutland in 1916 when German
ships attempted to break free from a British naval blockade of the North Sea.  If, in fact, this is a reference to this battle it would make this piece a highly sought after medallion.

We could not find a single reference for this, perhaps unique, piece. Additionally, nothing could be found regarding the creator, Pabst.  An enigma perhaps, certainly a rarity.

Grade: Gussfrisch (As Cast) An unusual cast iron piece from this period.  Large and impressive.  Beautiful.

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