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(Die trauernden Hinterbliebenen)

1918, Cast bronze, satirical medal, 58.8mm, 82.10g.

Obverse:  Kaiser Wilhelm drinks a toast to his officials with the words, "Ihr seid die Edelsten der Nation" (You are the noblest of the nation), on Oct. 15, 1890.

Reverse: The same "noblest of the nation" now old, wizened, and carrying a death wreath, watch and weep as two balloon capped Socialists place a huge stone labeled, "Deutsche Republic", thus blocking any return of the Kaiser from Holland. The 'exit' is inscribed, "Amerongon RIP". Dated, Nov. 9, 1918. Rim inscription, "Die trauernden Hinterbliebenen" (The mourning bereaved) K•G in exergue.

Goetz is satirizing the feelings of the 'elite' of the Kaiser devotees. The 'most noble' are watching and participating in the banning of their leader to Amerongen in Holland.

Nice appearance from an old collection.

Grade: VZ+

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