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VERDUN -1917
(Und ruhig fliesst der Rhine)

1917, Blackened Cast Iron, Satirical medal, 57.80mm, 75.20g, Thick Planchet, Frankenhuis 1474

Obverse:  Death, wearing an English cap and smoking a pipe knees a bent and teathered Marianne on to the deadly war, her hair flowing and wearing Cap of Liberty (France). In border,"Verdun 1917". Small exergue.

Reverse: Vignette composed of a human heart under Phrygian cap, pierced by a stick-pin and dripping blood, with the head of Clemenceau. Also a blazing torch of hatred, spectacles for short vision and a dying laurel branch. In exergue, "Und ruhig fliesst der Rhein" (And tranquil flows the Rhine). K - G to left and right of the vignette.

Grade: SS+/VZ

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