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Admiral v. Tirpitz



Paul Sturm/Hugo Grünthal - 1915, Cast Bronze Medallion, 114.3mm., 420.0g.  Frankenhuis 737, Zetzmann 5007, Klose -.

Obverse:  Bust of Gross-Admiral v. Tirpitz — 1915. (Grand-Admiral v. T.) In border, "Ein Todespfeil im Herzen Englands ist jedes Deutsche Schiff herwegh" (Every German ship is a deadly arrow in England's heart).

Reverse:  A large steamer, torpedoed, sinking. The crew is rescued in a lifeboat by the submarine. On right edge, two rats swimming, on a wave, with legend, "Vorwiirts" (Forward). In border, "Parole : Schiff versenken, Menschen retten" (Instruction,sink the ship, save the crew).

Professor Paul Sturm studied sculpture at the Academies of Beaux-Arts in Lyon and Leipzig where he lived. From 1908 to 1919 Sturm was the Professor for sculpture at the Dresden State Academy, later moving to Berlin. Grünthal was the proprietor of Münzenhandlung Robert Ball Nachfolger. His son Henry was to become a curator at the American Numismatic Society.

Grade:  VZ (XF)