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Cast 138.20 mm, 739g. Edge-punched 'KGoeTz"

On the occasion of President Hindenburg nominating Hitler to the chancellorship of Germany, and von Papen to the vice-chancellorship.

Obverse:  Conjoined busts, right, of Hindeburg, Hitler, and von Papen surrounded by names and wreathed edge.  "AD" contraction of Adolf got Goetz in hot-water with the brown-shirts.

Reverse: "With Hindenburg for Germany." On shield "National Front." Treatment of shield indicates colors of the Reichs-flag black-white-red. January 30, 1933. Sturmabteilung SA Stormtrooper has death grip on the throat of a two-headed beast likely representing the death of the Communist and Social Democratic opposition.

This piece was never accepted by the 'brown-shirts' as they felt the image of Hitler was 'repugnant', the "AD" before Hitler implied his retirement, and they wanted a swastika on the flag of the reverse.  Goetz waited months for the okay and when it never came, he moved on.

We haven't seen one of these since the 2006 Boettcher (Moeller 44) auction catalog and the offering then was not an edge-punched Goetz example like this one.  You need to be especially careful when collecting 1930/WWII Goetz material as his son Guido had a propensity to recast Karl's material to make an extra buck during the 70's-80's.  This is guaranteed to be an authentic Karl cast example and in 'As Cast' condition with a deep red-brown patina.  You would be hard-pressed to find another example of this rare issue and in this condition.

Goetz' Hitler/WWII material will gain exponential value as we get closer to the centennial of the event and, of course, to the rise of the repugnant 'AD' Hitler.

Grade: Gussfrisch (As Cast)


PRICE $1750