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Born in World War


SOLD  2/2015

Ludwig Gies, 1915, Cast Bronze Medal with suspension loop and link, 34.10, 19.0g.

Born in the World War

OBVERSE: Naked, a floundering baby lies on a pillow with its head oriented to the right. Behind its head is a full-beamed sun. Above the baby is a large pickelhaube helmet acting as a sun screen for the baby. Along the upper edge is the raised script in two lines – GEBOREN – IM JAHRE DES WELTKRIEGES (Born in the Year of World War). The artist’s initials, L G, Are incised to the left and right along the upper edge of the exergue. An incuse rim punch at 6:00 o’clock reads, C. POELLATH SCHROBENH.

REVERSE: A triangular tablet for script is inserted equally within the circle of the medal with the point down; from the upper right edge a sword, pointing slightly down and to the left, is partially entwined with a garland. On the bottom left field is an eight-pointed star.

The triangular tablet is would normally for intended for engraving the name of the newborn and date of birth.

Grade: Gussfrisch, As Cast


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