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Goddess of War



Martin Gotze - Cast Iron, 105.7mm 137g. Edge-punch DS 1 │27   │3

Obverse: A Goddess of War floating on clouds, holding in left hand a blazing torch, in right hand a sword over the fortress of Verdun in flames.

Reverse, inscribed, "Ganz in rote Dunkelheit versinke alles Land, ob dem der Blotrousch dampft, tidier das ein rotes Scheusal stampft, in der Hand die blanke Moerder zinke (Petzold)".  (Totally in red obscurity all land shall sink, in which the blood rage prevails, over which a red horror stalks, holding the drawn murderous weapon).

RRR in large cast (We've never seen a large cast piece only 36mm)

Grade: VZ


PRICE $635