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Martin Götze
WWI 1914-1918 - Cast Bronze medal, 75.3mm, 155.3g (75mm). Rare

Attempt by the government to curb the usury of war by establishing offices of usury.

Obverse: BLUTSAUGER IM WELTKRIEGE (Bloodsucker in World War); Bloodsucking spider adorned with royal crown abdomen markings begins sucking an ensnared, naked woman.

Reverse: BEKAEMPFUNG DES WUCHERS (Fighting Against Usury) - SUUM CUIQ[UE] Latin; "may all get their due". Imperial eagle attacks
man clutching a moneybag. Incuse 'M.Götze' at 1:00 between eagle wings.  Incuse publishers name 'VERL(AG). BALL BERLIN' at 10:00 rim.

We've never seen another bronze example which was cast before the metal was restricted for war use.  All other examples we've seen offered have been cast in iron.

A very old sealing wax cud is evident on the obverse side at the 8:00 position just below the damsel in distress' chin.  It appears someone at one time had attempted to capture the design in red sealing wax.  Rather than remove it we decided to let it remain as part of the medal's history.  We can carefully remove this for the new owner upon request.

Grade: Gussfrisch (As Cast)  A beautiful 'dark chocolate' brown patina with just the right amount of muted glossiness.  Superb!


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