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Wilson's Successes



Goetz, Karl,  1917, Cast bronze, Satirical medal, 57.0mm, 65.90g., Frankenhuis 1471

WILSON"S SUCCESSES (Wilson's Werbung bei den Neutralen)

Obverse:  Uncle Sam, holding a branch of palm behind his back, whistles to a dragon (China) to garner its attention into declaring war on Germany. In border, "Werbung" (Recruiting). 

Reverse: Four persons in their national costumes (viz- Scandinavia, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland) seated on a bench with their backs to the whistle call on the obverse. In border, "Wilson's Erfolge 1917"- (Wilson's successes). Newspaper reads "Skandinav• Neutralit•" (Scandinavian Neutrality). KG next to left bench leg.

Freshly liberated from a 1970's collection.

Grade:  Gussfrisch (As Cast)  R


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