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K-417 FRANZ SCHUBERT 1928, Struck Silver Death Commemorative, 36.2mm, 19.9g. Edge-stamp: BAYER.HAUPTMNZAMT.FEINSILBER Obverse: Bust 3/4 right.with name. Reverse: Reclining put More..
K- 10 COUNT HELMUTH VON MOLTKE 1910 Cast Bronze, Commemorative Medallion, 80.5mm, 193.10g. . Obverse: Moltke head, left, within a broad edge, incuse legend reading: GRAFHELMVTH -- More..
K-133 THE MOBILIZATION OF THE AUSTRIAN ARMY (Kaiser Franz Joseph, sterreichische Mobilmachung) 1914 Cast Bronze Portrait Medallion, 83.6mm, Wt.185.4g, Frankenhuis 289. Ex Karlgoetz More..
K- 36 ERNST RITTER VON POSSART 1905 Cast Bronze, Commemorative Medallion, 70.0mm, 149.70g. Obverse: Portrait medal of the General Manager of the Munich Royal Court Theatre 1864-1 More..
K-432 Gustav Stresemann 1929, Struck Gold Medalette, 22mm., 5.0g., .985 Fine Gold Obverse: German Foreign Minister. On the occasion of his death on October 3, 1929 Reverse: Marker More..
K-461 REICHSFREIHERR KARL VOM UND ZUM STEIN (Prussian statesman and cabinet minister) 1931, Struck Silver, Commemorative Medal, 36.3mm, 19.50g, Edge-stamp: BAYER.HAUPTMNZAMT.FEINSI More..
K-137 THE RUSSIAN HYDRA (Russland - Hydra) 1914 Cast bronze medal, 57.0mm, 67.7g, Frankenhuis 1423. Obverse: Russian bear, in the character of a three-headed hydra (bear, Gallic C More..
K-156 THE SINKING OF THE LUSITANIA (Die Torpedierung der Lusitania) Cast Bronze, 56.5mm, 44.6g., Thin planchet, Burns variety 3a2. We sell only authentic and unimpaired Goetz Lu More..
K-502 GEORG FRIEDRICH HNDEL Commemorating the 250th year of his birth 1685-1935 1935, Struck Silver, Commemorative Birth Medal, 36.2mm, 19.10g, Edge-stamp: BAYER.HAUPTMNZAMT.FEINSIL More..
K-191 400th ANNIVERSARY OF REFORMATION - MARTIN LUTHER (Martin Luther, Reformations - jubilum) 1917, Blackened Cast Iron, Portrait medallion, 84.5mm, 188.8g, Frankenhuis 926. Obve More..
K-714 Officer's Reunion in Lindau 1912. Struck 32 x 38 mm. (43.3mm with integrated loop), 22.1g. RRR Obverse: Designed by Heinrich Wadere. Reverse. Legend: OFFIZIERS- / REUNION / LIN More..
K-144 TREATY OF SEPTEMBER 1914 (Septembervertrag der Entente) 1914 Blackened Cast Iron satirical medal, 57.5mm, 72.60g, Frankenhuis 1413, Collection Obverse: Trea More..
Hagen Blacksmith
F. Bagdons Hagen Blacksmith 1915 Cast Bronze, octagonal, Commemorative Medal 75mm, 219.0 g. Obverse: Blacksmith bust, right, surrounded by edge legend; DER EISERNE SCHMIED VON HAGEN More..
K-145 VICE ADMIRAL MAXIMILIAN COUNT SPEE (Schlacht bei Santa Maria) 1914, Oval, cast bronze commemorative medal, 65.0mm x 47.5mm, 53.60g, Frankenhuis 522 Grade: VZ More..
K-146 THE THREE COUNTS SPEE (Drei Grafen von Spee) Cast Bronze Death Commemorative Medallion. 102.30mm, 237.5g. Obverse: Heinrich, Maximilian, Otto, Count von Spee. - On the `Sc More..
K-520 THE 1936 OLYMPIC GAMES IN BERLIN 1936, Cast Bronze Commemorative Medallion, 139.30mm., 574.40g., Rim-punched, K * GTz. RRR Collection Obverse: Date in exergue More..
Hunger Taler
Hunger Taler Pattern K.Goetz/G.Goetz 1947/48 - Struck, Silver, Medal, 36.5mm, 19.90g., Plain edge. RRRR Obverse: HUNGER TALER, Death, seated on rubble and daily ration board, weig More..
For Kaiser and Reich
Lotte Benter. ・MIT・GOTT・FR・KAISER・UND・REICH・. 1916 Cast iron medallion, blackened; 105.14 mm, 458.14 g. Edge-punch DS 178 15 (indicating [Freunde der] Deutsche Schaumnze 178, [cast More..
K-189 NIKITA'S DAUGHTERS OF FATE (Nikitas Schicksalstchter) 1916, Blackened Cast Iron (War Issue) Medallion, 82.6mm, 88.0gr. Obverse: Three of King Nicholas of Montenegro daughter More..
K-192 PEACE OFFERS OF THE REICHSTAG (Friedensformel des Deutschen Reichstages) 1917, Cast, blackened Iron, 58.0mm, 64.0gr. Obverse: Scene in British Parliament where Lloyd Geor More..
After the Battle
SOLD Karl May After the Battle (Nach der Schlacht) 1915 Cast Bronze, Uniface Medal, 68mm, 48.40g. RRR Exhausted, Death sits in contemplation upon a devastating modern weapon o More..
K-228 THE HISTORICAL GOLDEN PEN (Die Historische Feder, Der 28.Juni - Gedenktag zweier Weltverbrechen) 1919, Cast Bronze, Satirical medal, 58.8mm, 49gr. Obverse: The historical gol More..
Kronprinz Wilhelm
Rudolph Kchler 1915, Cast Iron Propaganda Medallion, 107mm, 331.1g. Edge-stamp: DS5 55 Frankenhuis 685 Obverse: Bust of Kronprinz Wilhelm, left, habited in the uniform of the Death's More..
K-254 Dr. Johannes Bell (Reichsverkehrsamt). Minister of Transport 1920, Cast Bronze, 59mm, 67.20g., Edge-Punched: KGoeTz Obverse: Ministry of Transport Bell seen consolidating all More..
Goetz, Karl, K-262 - 1920, Cast Bronze, Satirical medal, 58.0mm, 64.0g. THE WATCH ON THE RHINE (Die schwarze Wacht am Rhein) Obverse: A French colonial soldier, right. Inscriptions, More..
K-263 1920, Cast Bronze, Satirical medal, 59.2mm, 61.3g. THE BLACK SHAME (Die Schwarze Schmach) Obverse: The same as K-262 Reverse: The Lorelei sits naked, tied to a large post to More..
Goetz, Karl, 1920, Cast bronze, Satirical medal, 58.5mm, 66.20gr. K-274 CODE NAPOLEON (Wstlinge am Rhein) Obverse: In the foreground a hand removes a knife from its French scabbard More..
K-277 KING OF CARDS (Kartenknig) 1921, Cast Bronze, Satirical medal, 60.0mm, 72gr. Obverse: Pretense is inscription on obverse-top. Inscription on door Netherland Tax office. Inscr More..
K-297 THE RTLI OATH (Rtlischwur in Essen) 1923, Cast Bronze, Satirical medal, 62.0mm, 80gr., Edge-Punch: KGoeTz Obverse: Passive resistance by Krupp Works workers against the occup More..
K-314 Hans Lucas von Cranach, Cast Bronze, 99.8mm (Oversized), 350g. Portrait Commemorative done in Renaissance style and commemorating his 30 years as the senior castle captain of t More..
K- 505 CHIEF GAME WARDEN OF THE REICH HERMANN GRING 1935, Cast Silver Commemorative Medal, 35.0mm., 21.70g., Rim-punched, BAYER.HAUPTMNZAMT Obverse: Gring bust, face left, wearing hu More..
K- 552 FIRST NON-STOP FLIGHT OF THE AIRPLANE CONDOR 1938, Cast Bronze Commemorative Medallion, 97.0mm., 233.40, Rim-punched, K * GTz Obverse: First non-stop flight of the Condor. a More..
Bayern Tag
BAYERN=TAG 1912 MNCHEN (Bavarian Day 1912 in Munich) 1912, Struck uniface plaquette, silver, 19.1mm X 50.5mm, 13.5g. Reverse stamp G.POELLATH I SCHROBENH, Ernsting WVZ 15 Obverse: M More..
War Charity Medal
Unknown Artist, 1915 First World War Charity Medal, silvered, struck zinc, 42.4mm x 33.4mm Frankfurt am Main, mother with three children / writing Grade: VZ (XF) More..
Franz Joseph and Carl
Weinberger - 1915, Cast Bronze Medal, 75.8mm, 74.5g, Frankenhuis 319 Jugate busts of Franz Jos I Imp. et Rex Archidux Carol F. J. d'Este, r.. Reverse, Austrian Crown, brightened by More..
O. Richter - 1916 Struck War Composition (Bronzed Zinc) Commemorative Medal, 50mm, 42.2g. Zetzmann 6020v.. RRR Dead soldier is transported up to Vahalla by a Walkre and her steed, L More..
Marching Soldiers
Lotte Benter - 1915, Cast Iron uniface Medallion with integrated hanger, 103mm, 202.30g. Marching Soldiers with drum and fife. IN DER HEIMAT AT DAS SIEBTLS EIN WEIDERSEHN _ _ 1914-1 More..
Tending the Wounded
Lotte Benter - 1915, Cast Bronze uniface Medallion, 103mm, 154.0g. Nurse bandaging the head of a wounded soldier sitting against a tree. SEGEN IST DER MHE PREIS! 1914-1915 Selling More..
Allied Soldiers
Lotte Benter - 1915, Cast Iron uniface Medallion with integrated hanger, 102.1mm, 174.90g. German and Austrian soldiers meet and shake hands. WER HALTEN FEST UND TREU ZU SAMMEN! 191 More..
The Medals of Karl X. Goetz
The Medals of Karl X.Goetz: Kienast Volumes I II Redux Author: Gunter W. Kienast ISBN-13: Volume I: 978-1492251576, Volume II: 978-1492251620 ISBN-10: Volume I: 1492251577, Vo More..
Woodrow Wilson
Legastelois J.P. - 1918/19 - Franco-American Struck Bronze Medal, 68mm. 138.0g. Edge-punch: Paris Mint Cornucopia BRONZE.Schulmann LXXV,4. Wilson facing front, 1/2 bust. Eagle right More..
Wilson France Visit
Bottee L. - 1919 - Franco-American Struck Bronze Medal, 68mm, 91.4g., Paris Mint Edge-punch: Cornucopia BRONZE. Obverse: Wilson bust, left, inside pearled rim border. Laurel, stars, More..
Two Kaisers
1914 Kaiser Commemorative Medal Lauer / Nurnberg, Struck Proof-like silver medal, 33.3mm, 18.5g., Edge-Stamped SILBER 890, Zetzmann 3013 Obverse: Wilhelm and Franz Joseph conjoined More..
G.F.M. Von Bülow
Arthur Löwental 1916, Cast Iron Medallion, 82.5mm, 177.60g Rim-punch: DS 28 27, Steguweit 112, Menedier S.206. General Fieldmarshal von Bülow, bust left / Hercules and Lion "Victor of St. Quentin More..
Kaiser Wilhelm
A. Lowental, Spende Medal/Paperweight No signature 1918, Blackened Cast Iron 75mm, 27mm thick, 1.4 lbs. Obverse: Kaiser Wilhelm, bust L Reverse: four lines of text; Fur Das Kreigs F More..
Commemoration of Death
Commemoration of Death: the medals of the Lusitania murders Just in time for readers to appreciate the centennial commemoration of the controversial sinking of the Lusitania on May More..
Widow's and Children
Hans Schwegerle - 1918, Cast Bronze Medal with integrated loop, 30mm, 25.6g., Rim-punch: six clover leaves at 3:00 o'clock. Hasselmann 157. Mother, seated right, holding a standing More..
Memorial Medallion
Carl Reschke - 1917, Blackened Cast Iron Medallion, 90.4mm, 193.60g., Frankenhuis 946. A warrior in full equipment announces the declaration of war and takes leave of his family ; a More..