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"I'm always on the hunt for authentic, quality Karl Goetz medals. I was beyond thrilled that I found the website. They offered a wide variety of highly prized pieces from Karl Goetz; and Henry is a historian second to none. He has so much information and knowledge about the pieces on his site - he is a true subject matter expert. There have been times when I asked questions about other pieces not on his site, and he was kind enough to share his insights.  This is a site I continuously go back to in order to find some treasure!  Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom and offering these beautiful pieces for sale.
Bob A, Massachusetts


"On unboxing this recent medal I’m totally awestruck. Even with your accurate photography, these pieces always floor me when viewed in hand. I don’t know where you come up with some of this very scarce material in jaw dropping conditions! Nevertheless, knowing a piece you're offering crossed your desk adds the utmost confidence in my purchases. I can’t thank you enough for your work and communication on any pieces I’m considering. Our dealings have always been excellent, you have a lifelong customer and friend."
Matt T, Black Hills, SD


"Henry is a gentleman and  a scholar, with my best pieces coming from his collection, and potential mistakes avoided from other sources because he is so generous with his knowledge and expertise.  Many thanks, Henry!"
John Bell, Maine


"Not too many places one can go to find scarce and historically significant medals of WWI, especially those with high esthetic and grade quality. I'm happy to say that of the multiple purchases I've made at I've been thrilled with each of them. Henry Goodman knows his stuff, both with attributions and the context of the pieces themselves. Plus, his integrity on the items he sells is "nonpareil". Highly recommended under all circumstances. Give me a call or send me an e-mail if you need any further confirmation. I have no hesitation in associating my name with an unqualified recommendation..."

 Greg Burns,


"I will describe my business with Henry as more like that of dealing with a close friend rather than a money oriented dealer. Henry has always tried to make the transactions as easy and as smooth as possible and that counts for a great deal with me. Medals arrive in good time and well packaged, if this were eBay I would give him 5 stars."

 Mike Cerrino, United Kingdom


"As an avid collector of WW1 era medals, i believe the three most important characteristics of any piece are beauty, condition and rarity.  The medals offered at are museum quality pieces at decent prices.  Henry is my number one source of rare and beautiful medals and in my opinion one of the most knowledgeable and helpful dealers around. Always a pleasure."

 Robert Dunn, Escondido, California


"As a relatively new collector of WWI medals who purchased initially from online German dealers, I was pleased to discover Henry's excellent website in the USA. Though the number of items for sale is limited, their quality is first-class, and the site provides substantial backup and supplementary reference information.  Prices are competitive and often significantly lower than those on European sites.  Henry has also been unstinting with his time, answering questions about medals and their care.  All considered, this site has become my first choice when I'm searching for medals for my collection or wanting to learn more about pieces I've seen."
  Trey Todd, San Antonio, Texas


I recently became interested in Karl Goetz medals and was pointed in the direction of the website by a British dealer, and thence to I quickly saw the quality of the presentation and the detailed knowledge of the medals being offered. I am most impressed with Henry Goodman’s professionalism and knowledge of his field, and with the quality of the medals on offer. My purchases have been promptly handled and shipped to me, and needless to say I was delighted with them. The whole process was a pleasure.
Michael S., United Kingdom


I would like to take this opportunity to give my highest recommendation to Henry Scott Goodman and  My experience with him has been highly professional and rewarding.  The medals being sold on his website are accurately graded.  I would consider Mr. Goodman to be one of, if not the best dealer in the hobby.
J.M., Massachusetts, USA